About Us

We have more than 30 years of experience in the development of management systems for Travel Agencies

who are we

Diurnus is an IT company founded in 1995 by professionals who are dedicated to data from the beginnings of Personal Computer.

It has technical staff, certified MCP, which has a remarkable and extensive professional experience, and noted for their dedication and enthusiasm.

Its main activities are:

– Advice and audit solutions.

– Development of applications using the latest tools and innovative market.

– Design and development of computer systems networks. Dedicated servers, databases.

– Service Support and Maintenance.


– In 1987 performed the first generation of management systems for travel agencies called MicroTur, in MS-DOS and Basic / Btrive.

– In 1989 performed in conjunction with IBM, a prototype for the terminal reserves Savia.

– In 1990 he takes the second generation of management systems to travel agencies in Unix environment INFOTUR i Informix Database.

– During 1992-2001 Management conducts numerous group projects, Wholesale cruises, Reservation, etc.. To Barceló, RACC, Latitude 4, etc.

– In 2001 developed the third generation of management systems to travel agencies, Wintour, under Windows I SQL Server Database.

– In 2004 launched the Enterprise Web Services.

– In 2016 launched the WebTour.

– In 2017 got the NDC Certification for IATA flight reservation system, Iberia and British Airways.

– In 2018 the system was upgraded to a “SAQ-D Service Provider Level 2 V3.2, PCI-DSS Compliant”