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-Special Information Systems in the Tourism Sector. -Auditing for the LOPD. -Computer systems. -Communications.

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Design and installation of computer systems

-Servers. -Structured phone. – LAN / WAN XDSL environments.

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Technical Assistance and Maintenance

– Comprehensive system maintenance. -Hot-Line service, response time within 24 hours.

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Applications development

-Analysis, development and implementation. -Transactional Data Base. -Customer-server environments.

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About us

More than 30 years at your service
Specialized in Management Systems for Travel Agencies

Diurnus is an IT company founded in 1995, by professionals who are dedicated to computing since the inception of personal computers. Its main activities are:

-Advice and audit of IT solutions.

-Development of computer applications, using the most advanced and innovative tools on the market.

-Design and implementation of computer systems communications networks. Specialized servers, Databases, Messaging, Structured cable, Gigabit LAN, WAN XDSL.

-Support and maintenance service.

It has technical staff, MCP certificate, which has a remarkable and extensive professional experience, and which stands out for its dedication and enthusiasm.



Sistema de gestión para Agencias de Viaje
Incluye diferentes funcionalidades: Minorista, mayorista, gestión de eventos, corporate services, facturación, contabilidad, informes…


Desarrollado según las directrices y criterios de ACAVe
Sistema de Gestión para Agencias de Viajes para los asociados de ACAVe vía hosting hasta 7 Terminales.

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