Comprehensive management system for travel agencies

Webtour is the platform that thinks about its clients, has been developed to solve in an easy and creative way all the needs of Travel Agencies. Therefore, it represents a remarkable technological innovation within the tourism sector and at the same time, a business opportunity in a moment of change like the current one. That is why our clients have a recognized business prestige and their Agencies are among the most competitive in the Sector.

Within the broad spectrum of types of Travel Agencies, the Webtour system is defined as an especially powerful and complete management system for Specialized Agencies in Companies, or Entities that require a high degree of added services.

  • Travel Agency Management: The own processes of the counter.
  • Tour Operation: Sales process of own product.
  • Event and meeting management
  • Corporate Services
  • Billing / Delivery to Customers and reception of invoices, accounting effects, suppliers, BSP files, etc.
  • Accounting: Collections (Deposits) and Payments (Prepayments), accounting transfer, generation of Tax Agency summaries. Concepts alien to Services, etc.
  • Reports: Own reporting of each functionality, Analysis Services, Multi-reports, Reports to measure.
  • Maintenance: Of the concepts used by the Program, master and auxiliary tables.
  • All the functionality is integrated and accessible from a web browser, so the basic environment can be executed in various Operating Systems and Devices.

    Webtour is a platform totally adaptable to the specific needs of your Travel Agency, for it has the possibility of integrating different modules such as SII, Business Intelligence, Electronic Billing … As well as a team of developers that will be responsible for offering you an adapted solution for your business.

    • 1 Architecture adptable to the characteristics of your business
      • Hosting: Minimal infrastructure and maintenance.
      • Server and Database hosted at ISP.
      • Hybrid environments: Taking advantage of infrastructure and own resources.
      • Server and Database at Central Office.
    • 2 Development
      • Windows 64-bit architecture, Client / Server
      • Web Services.
    • 3 GDS Amadeus
      • Automatic capture of the entire reservation system information, Air207
      • Agencies/Terminals centralized management
    • 4 Connectivity
      • Ethernet: Sockets TCP/IP
      • Database: MS SQL Server
      • WAN Environment: Terminal Server
      • Remote printing: over TCP/IP
    • 5 Work Client Computers
      • PC Compatible browser Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
      • Office tools: Microsoft Office, Guacamole
    • 6 Data Exporting
      • Listings and Data Analysis: Using Spreadsheets, Business Intelligence
      • Accounting: Integration
      • Automatic credit card reconciliation, BSP, etc
    • 8 HelpDesk
      • Technical support
      • Modification and customization service
      • Data import from other applications