Comprehensive management system for Travel Agencies

It is a management system for travel agencies, according to the guidelines and criteria developed professional ACAV, the computer services company Diurnus.

The technology used in ACAVnet is based on the powerful and robust Integrated Management System for Travel Agencies, Wintour.

ACAVnet modality offered in our hosting partner agencies to seven so that users can easily and efficiently solve their management and can focus on your business the most.

Use the advanced technology of the MSSQL Database Server installed in multi-processor servers last generation and storage systems redundant.
Communications are performed via ADSL with Terminal Services, using compression algorithms and encryption of data, to achieve maximum performance and safety.

Ability to define multi-office environments, working “virtually” simultaneously in a single database and can locate sales functions, administrative or management in any of the offices.


-Fees: The license is free to use the program associated ACAV. One monthly payment covers the costs of hosting and maintenance according to the number of terminals / users employed by each agency.

-High and Contract: High service within 24h. Training by Diurnus. You must sign a service contract between the Agency and Diurnus to ensure the confidentiality of data, compliance with the Data Protection Act and the Service.

-Included services:

  • Unlimited access ACAVnet or with Terminal Services.
  • Service and Support telephone for inquiries relating to the use of ACAVnet.
  • Always have the latest updates in accordance with guidelines ACAV.
  • E-mail account for each agency in the domain of ACAVnet to provide technical assistance, transfer files, etc.

Cloud services:

Booking Web services integrated with a Customer Information System (CRM)
Notification services through email/sms
Compatibility with all major browsers